CAMTech Uganda Scientific Writing Workshop

CAMTech Uganda Scientific Writing Workshop

We held a scientific writing workshop for the 2018 Hackathon project teams. The purpose of this workshop was to equip teams with writing skills but also to ensure that teams had solid project concepts by the end of the workshop.

The next step will be to take teams through the Project Qualification Review (PQR). Through this, teams will be judged by an independent panel of judges with an intention of evaluating the most viable ideas that can enter the CAMTech Uganda Co-Creation Lab. Only teams that pass this stage will enter the lab to start prototyping of their ideas which lead to implementation at a later stage.

CAMTech Uganda is always here to support and nurture the innovations and innovation processes until the desired outputs are realized. We hope that teams from this year’s Hackathon will address so many Community based Health challenges.

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