Eco Smart Pads Wins $4,000 from Big Ideas Contest

Eco Smart Pads Wins $4,000 from Big Ideas Contest

We can’t be more excited about this award for Eco Smart Pads; an idea that was born through one of the activities of CAMTech Uganda Innovation Eco System. That is; The Student Internship Program which brings together students from different disciplines, trains them on challenge collection, writing a good problem statement, scientific writing, prototyping, pilot studies etc. It’s this that gave birth to the Eco Smart Pad idea back in 2016.

The project has done a lot with support from CAMTech Uganda and UNFPA Uganda but because of so many constraints, the innovations effort to hit the market have been a little slow. The $4,000 support will be a big boost for this innovation. We can’t be more excited to see the innovation hit the market by the close of this award.

Congratulations team Eco Smart Pads !!!

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